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Sustainable Summits

Sustainable Summits 7-11 August 2016

Our mountain environments may seem invincible and imposing. But human impacts are a worry. Instead of just worrying, a bunch of awesome people from around the globe got talking and thinking. My job was filming the conference (watch this space) as well as make daily podcasts. To listen to my conversations with the many devoted speakers at the conference, simply click on the links below.

Day 1

Featuring Lou Sanson, Director-General, Department of Conservation; Simon Cox, Geologist, GNS Science; Olivier Moret, Executive Director, Petzl Foundation; Dr. Brian Anderson, Glaciologist.

Day 2

Featuring Guy Cotter, CEO of Adventure Consultants; on the role of guiding companies in managing waste on alpine expeditions worldwide; Roger Robinson, from the American Alpine Club, on the importance of collaboration with regard to human waste management in Denali National Park; Kristine Route, who talks about her study on people's attitudes to human waste in the wilderness; and Derek Chinn, a structural engineer who talks about the challenges in building long lasting alpine huts in New Zealand.

Day 3

Featuring Dawa Steven Sherpa, an environmental entrepreneur helping to tidy up Everest; Dr. Jamili Nais from Borneo, who shares a story about re-connection between the local community and Mt Kinabalu - with the unlikely help of an earthquake; Rob Brown, a New Zealand writer and photographer who is encouraging a re-assessment of what our wilderness areas mean; Dr. Nima Sherpa, an expedition doctor from Nepal, on the importance of equipping alpine communities with knowledge and planning capabilities; and Hugh Logan, president of New Zealand's Canterbury Mountaineering Club, with a few final words.

Thanks for listening and see you next time!

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